Net And Pad Kits For 13Ft Arch Pole Trampolines

The net and pad combo kits found on this page will fit 13 foot diameter trampolines that have a 3 or 4 arch safety enclosure system.  Please measure the frame of your trampoline to make sure it measures 13 feet.  If you need more information you can consult our How To Measure page.

There are 2 type of nets in the kits shown on this page.  One type is the 'Attaches with straps' and the other is ;Attaches with sleeves'.  Please review the pictures below to determine the type of netting you have.

Type Of Enclosure Included Frame Pad How Net Attaches  
3archwstraps.png ubpad10bgshort.png attached-with-straps.png ordernowub.png