Net And Pad Combo For 15Ft Frame With 5 Pole Top Ring Enclosure-YJNYJP-TRJP-15-5-Green

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Save Time And Money With This Net And Pad Combination Kit From Jumpking!

This combination kit includes the net and pad that will fit your trampoline if:howtomeasure.png

  • Your trampoline Frame measures 15 feet in diameter. Check this measurement by running a tape from the outside edge of your frame to the opposite outside edge. You can read more about how to measure your trampoline by clicking the button on the right.
  • Your safety enclosure system must be a 5 pole top ring system. Please review the information in the red box below to determine if your trampoline enclosure system is the 5 pole top ring type. The pictures may not look exactly like your unit but the important thing is the number of poles and that the net hangs from a top ring that is placed on top of the 5 vertical enclosure poles.
  • The pad included with this kit has 5 reinforced holes evenly spaced along the perimeter of the pad. These holes allow the 5 enclosure poles to connect directly to the frame of the trampoline.

Our nets are knitted with 100% polypropylene.

Please note: This ENCLOSURE NET is designed ONLY for use on our

Bazoongi JumpPod Units (BZJP1506 & JP1514) that have our unique G4 Enclosure Pole and BIG T Connector features.

This 15' Enclosure G4 Net includes ropes and is used with the G4 Pole set (sold separately). This net features fabric inserts to slide poles into the top of the net as well as specially cut sections to connect the enclosure caps into the enclosure poles.

Please note: 15' Enclosure G4 POLE SET sold separately.

** The original net for the JP1514C and JP1514E has been discontinued. This net will work as a replacement, just do not use the bottom G3 pole.