Net And Pad Combo For 14Ft Frames with 6 Pole Top Ring Enclosure-YJNYJP-TR-14-6-PR

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Save Money On This Net And Pad Combo Kit From Jumpking!

This net and pad combination kit will fit your trampoline if it meets the following criteria:howtomeasure.png

  • Your trampoline frame must measure 14 feet from outside edge to outside edge. You can find detailed measuring instructions by visiting the "How To Measure" page. Just click the button on the right.
  • Your trampoline enclosure system must be a 6 pole top ring system. This simply means that your net is supported by a circular ring that slides through a sleeve sewn into the top of the net. The ring then snaps into plastic caps on top of your 6 poles. Your netting then hangs like a drapery on a drapery rod. You can see a pictorial illustration of the top ring system in the red box below.


Fits these as well as other 14Ft diameter 6 pole top ring trampolines

  • Sports Power Model #'s: TR1463A-FLEX-FZ, TR-1686-TPR, TR-14COM-FLXTRU, TR1463A-FLEX-WM, TR-1463A-ENC-WMC, TR-1888-FLEX-ENC, TR-1888-FLEX-WMC, TR-1888-SPN-WMC
  • Bounce Pro Model #'s: TR1463A-FLEX-WM, TR-1686-TPR, TR-1463A-ENC-WMC, TR-1463A-FLEX-FZ, TR-1888-FLEX-ENC, TR-1888-FLEX-WMC, TR-1888-SPN-WMC
  • Parkside Model #: TR-146U-FLX