Sleeve Net And Pad Kit For 14Ft Frames With 4 Arch Enclosure-UBNUBPAST144

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Get Jumping Again With This Net And Pad Combo From Upper Bounce!

howtomeasure.pngThe net and pad kit has been assembled to fit trampolines with the following features:

  • Your trampoline must have a frame size of 14 feet. This measurement is taken from one outside edge of the frame to the opposite outside edge of the frame. It is a good idea to measure in a couple of different places as trampolines can become a little out of round. Please review the How To Measure page by clicking the button on the right.
  • Your trampoline must also have a 4 arch enclosure system and the net must be able to attach to the top of each arch with the sewn in sleeves. Please look at the picture below to determine if you have this type of enclosure. You should be able to use this kit even if your original net attached at the top with straps. All you have to do is disconnet the top of each arch from one side, slide the net sleeve over the top arch pole and then re attach the arch.
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