Free Shipping to lower 48 states for orders over $50
Free Shipping to lower 48 states for orders over $50

Net And Pad Kits For 12Ft Arch Pole Trampolines

These Net And Pad Combos fit 12 foot diameter trampolines that have either 3 or 4 arch safety enclosure systems.  Please check your frame to make sure it is 12 feet in diameter.  This is done by measuring the FRAME from one outside edge to the other on the opposite side.  Here you will find Net And Pad Combo Kits for 3 and 4 arch enclosure systems.  The net for the 3 arch offering attaches to the arches with included straps.  The 4 arch kits have 2 options.  One kit has a net that attaches to the poles with straps while the other uses sewn in sleeves.

Type Of Enclosure Included Frame Pad How Net Attaches  
3archwstraps.png ubpad10bgshort.png attached-with-straps.png ordernowub.png
sleeves.png ordernowub.png
 4archsys-w-straps-2-.png ubpad10bgshort.png attached-with-straps.png ordernowub.png