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Free Shipping to lower 48 states for orders over $50

Net And Pad Kits For 12Ft Top Ring Enclosures

The net and pad combo kits that you will see on this page have been assembled to fit 12 foot diameter trampoline frames that use the top ring enclosure system.  As you can see from the chart below, the top ring slides through a sleeve sewn into the top of the net and then snaps into plastic pole caps at the top of each vertical pole.  This type of safety enclosure system provides support for the net along the entire perimeter of the trampoline.

There are 2 types of frame pads included with the kits on this page.  The first, most common type, installs over the springs, inside of the enclosure poles.  Since the enclosure poles attach to the legs on the outside of the frame, no holes are needed in the frame pad.  The 2nd type of pad is used on trampolines where the enclosure pole connects directly to the top of the frame of the trampoline.  In this case the pad needs a hole in it for the enclosure pole to pass through.  1 hole per enclosure pole spaced evenly along the perimeter of the padding.  Please review the chart below for examples of what these various selections look like.

Enclosure Type   Net Attached To: Frame Pad Included   


top-rng.jpg pad14-10b.jpg ordernowjk.png


Orbounnder Units 

With 5.5 In Long

Springs Only

top-rng.jpg pad14-10.jpg ordernowjk.png
6-poletr.jpg top-rng.jpg ubpad10.png ordernowub.png