Net And Pad Kits For 14Ft Top Ring Enclosures

Here we have assembled net and frame pad kits for 14 foot trampolines with the top ring enclosure system.  The kit includes the net, straps and ropes to secure the net, and the frame pad that covers the springs.  These kits will fit your trampoline if:

  • it measures 14 feet in diameter.  Please measure your frame, from one outside edge to the other.  You can also refer to our How To Measure page.
  • you have a top ring enclosure system.  A Top Ring enclosure system uses a series of short rods that snap together to form the 'Top Ring'.  This ring slides through a sleeve sewn into the top of the net.  Then the ring snaps into a plastic cap on top of each of your vertical enclosure poles.  Please see the pictures below for examples of top ring enclosure systems.

There are also 2 kinds of frame pads available with most kits.  The first and most common type is the pad without any enclosure pole access holes in it.  If your enclosure poles attach to your trampoline on the outside of the frame (To the legs for example) then no access holes are required.  If your enclosure poles attach inside of the frame, or directly into a connector on the frame, then your pad may require the holes.  Please inspect your old pad to see which case you have.

Enclosure Type   Net Attached To: Frame Pad Included   


top-rng.jpg pad14.png ordernowjk.png
ubpad10.png  ordernowub.png



top-rng.jpg pad14.png ordernowjk.png
ubpad10.png ordernowub.png 


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