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Free Shipping to lower 48 states for orders over $50

Strap Nets For 15 Ft Straight Pole Enclosure

The nets found on this page will fit trampolines that have an outside diameter of 15 feet.  To measure your frame, simply run a tap from one outside edge to the other.  Do this in a couple of locations as your frame may be a little out of round.  Also, your net must be able to attach to your straight poles with straps. (New straps are included with the net.)  These straps connect to a cap that sits on top of each vertical pole.  Please see the chart below for additional connection information.  Pick from either the 6 pole or the 8 pole replacement net.

Type Of Enclosure How Net Attaches  
15-6is.png  poleconnect.png


15-8is.png  poleconnect.png


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